Why I Built This Site

As our name indicates, law, and especially construction law, is always developing.  I designed this blog to provide a simple and convenient way for professionals in the construction industry in Indianapolis and throughout Indiana to keep up to date on these developments and efficiently get legal news that may affect their practice.  My posts cover primarily construction, surety, and green building law, and touch on other related fields as they pertain to construction issues. 

I strive to provide unbiased and informative posts, while at the same time adding a bit of wit to keep it interesting (this is, in fact, a blog about law).  I am confident you will find our information useful to your profession.  Check back often, I am  constantly adding new and (hopefully) useful content. 

I provide several ways you can receive my new posts directly.  You can subscribe to the blog by email – simply submit your email as indicated in the sidebar.  You can also add the RSS feed to your reader – simply click the orange RSS buttons on my site.   And if you use twitter, you can follow me there as well - I tweet my new posts as well as links to news, articles and other blog posts addressing a variety of construction and related issues.  Follow me  or check out the twitter feed in the sidebar. 

If you want to learn about me, check out the Site Manager page.  And if you would like to learn more about my experience or discuss anything with me, feel free to contact me via the links on the Site Manager page.  


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